Passport and Visa Information For Visiting Australia

28, May 2012 Posted by Australia_Travel

Australian Passport and Visa Information

Passport and Visa Information For Visiting Australia – All countries have different visa and entry rules for different countries.Some countries will allow other country’s citizens more of a lenient visa as they will have a deal with each country and are based on treaties of trade and commerce, diplomatic or historical relations between the nations. For example: New Zealanders travelling to Australia do not require to obtain a visa to come and visit but someone from Thailand will have a hard time to obtain a tourist visa and will need to fill in documents to prove their reasons for Australian travel. To check what countries allow what citizens for what lengths, check that countries visa and travel site.



What is a Passport?

A passport is a travel document issued by the government of the country that you were born in or in some circumstances, you can obtain a passport from the country that your parents were born in. If you have become a citizen of a country then you can also have a new passport issued for  your new country but you may have to give up your passport of your old country. You will need to check to see if your country has dual citizenship for you to do this. Having dual citizen ship allows you to travel to each of the countries without having to obtain a visa for each of the countries.


How Long Does My Passport Need To Be Valid?

Most nations require that you have no less than six months validity on your passport before you can enter their country. Some countries also require you to have a return airline ticket booked before you can enter.

Visa Arrival

What’s a Travel Visa?

A visa is a short permission stamp that is stamped into your passport to show what date you are permitted to stay until. In most cases, visas can be obtained for business, leisure, education or spiritual grounds, depending on the country of travel. Visa regulations change a lot for each country and different visa regulations are permitted depending on which country you come from. You need to apply for a visa in the country that you are coming from. You cannot apply for a visa when you land at the airport, it must be done prior to you leaving. You also cannot change your type of  visa while you are still in the country.

‘Working Visas’ are hard to obtain but once you have one you must stick to the requirements of that visa or else you will be deported. You also cannot work if you are on a ‘Tourist Visa’ as this is only for people who are travelling around Australia. If you are at customs and they think that you may be here to work then you will be refused entry into the country.

Make sure you check the countries visa entry permissions before you book your Australia Hotels and airline ticket as you are the one that is responsible for the correct documents.



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