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Best Ten Attractions in To See In Tasmania

1, January 2016 Posted by Australia_Travel

Ten Tasmania Attractions the Whole Family Will Love

Best Ten Attractions in To See In Tasmania – There is almost universal agreement that Tasmania offers visitors and tourists a memorable experience when visiting arguably the region’s most beautiful area, which has many unique features and a spectacular coastline. Here are ten attractions that you really should aim to see when you visit beautiful and enchanting Tasmania and its capital Hobart.


Port Arthur
This historic site was once a penal facility that is now considered a shrine of remembrance for many Australians and is a designated World Heritage site. Despite the painful history of the building it offers visitors a memorable day exploring the grounds and discovering some of the stories of survival. There are plenty of tours and facilities to keep all the family happy throughout the day and you genuinely feel that you are touching history when you visit Port Arthur.

Port Arthur - Tasmania


Strahan River Cruise
This area of Tasmania is open to the ocean elements and rainfall tends to be measured in metres rather than inches, but the result of this water, which is collected in lakes and dams and winds its way down the Gordon River, is a natural haven that can be viewed in all its glory at Macquarie Harbour. If you take a cruise starting from Strahan you will be treated to some spectacular rainforest scenery created by the temperate climate.


Tahune Forest Airwalk
If you don’t have a head for heights then this is not a trip for you, but the kids will absolutely love it! The forestry department of Tasmania have built a 600 metre long walkway through the treetops at Tahune which is situated on the very edge of the South West Wilderness. At the highest point you are some 48 metres above the ground and the view of the forest and mountains will inspire everyone that is lucky to witness this amazing scenery.

Tahune Forest Airwalk


Mt Wellington
If you feel inspired by the dizzy heights of Tahune then why not plan a trip along the winding roads that lead to the summit of Mt Wellington which is some 1270 metres high. The 360 degree panoramic vista that greets you is your reward for what could be an epic family adventure, and is sure to guarantee a goods night’s sleep after these endeavours.


Sullivans Cove
The working docks at Sullivans Cove are a magnet for tourists and it is easy to see why when you take in the view of fishing boats mingling with luxury yachts and against a foreground of historic colonial houses and numerous places to eat and drink. The Salamanca Markets (in Hobart) transform the area every Saturday morning and if you like arts and crafts in particular, then it would be a good time to be in Sullivans Cove.

Sullivans Cove - Tasmania


This is all about art but nothing to do with the famous smiling lady called Lisa. MONA stands for the Museum of Old and New Art and is actually the most visited attraction in Tasmania since it opened in 2011. Immerse you family in lively debate about what is art and what is not in your opinion, before retiring to continue the debate in one of the many restaurants there in Hobart.


Southwest National Park
If you are looking for a truly memorable family adventure then a visit to Melaleuca in the South West Wilderness comes highly recommended. The only problem is that the National Park is not accessible by road so you have to grab a flight from Hobart Airport, but make the effort and you will be truly rewarded by being transported to an area that is as nature intended it with a few Orange Bellied Parrots thrown in for good measure.


Central Highlands
When you visit this region you could be forgiven for checking whether you are in Scotland rather than Tasmania and the fact that there are places called Ross and Campbelltown are a clear indication of the Scottish influence brought about by migrants who settled here from over there many years ago. Why not take a picnic at the Great Lake which is the largest natural freshwater lake in Australia.
Central Highlands Tasmania


Cataract Gorge
Whilst trying to avoid the obvious pun by saying “are my eyes deceiving me”, but a gentle twenty minute stroll from the city centre of Launceston transports you to this haven of wildlife that seems such a contrast to the city that you have only just left behind.


Wineglass Bay
On the east coast of Tasmania lies the Freycinet Peninsula and this nicely sheltered playground for enjoying swimming and even kayaking is understandably popular with the natives who don’t mind sharing their beach with you. Out on the seaward side which is more exposed, you will find Wineglass Bay, which is guaranteed to deliver you an iconic photo opportunity that will provide an everlasting memory of a great family trip to Tasmania.

Wineglass Bay


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Places To Visit In Tasmania

10, July 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Tasmanian Places To Visit

The wild state of Tasmania is an island just 240 kilometers off the coast of Australia with the Bass Strait separating the two, with easy access from Melbourne by boat in Victoria or by plane from the other major capitols around Australia. That is why there a plenty of places to visit in Tasmania. This island has a big heart for nature and nearly half of it is blanketed by reserves, national parks or World Heritage Sites. With the inspiration of the island being, “A World Apart, Not a World Away,” it’s no wonder why it’s promoted as the ‘natural state.’

Exploring this island will be exhilarating as you wander through the magical forests, bask under the sun on your own sandy beach and get up close and personal with some of the native animals such as the Tasmanian Devil. Spending time in Tasmania will be the cherry on top of your travels in Australia.



Mount Wellington

Towering over 1,200 meters in the air is Mount Wellington. Take the 21 kilometer drive up this mountain, exiting the subtropics and entering the sub-alpine climate with glacial rock formations in your view. You will be above Hobart’s Harbour and the Derwent River while gazing upon sweeping views of Hobart, South Arm, the Iron Pot, Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula. Spectacular! Besides amazing views, there are biking trials, picnicking areas, abseiling, and even the historical Cascade Brewery to knock a few down at. There are a series of viewpoints to check out here, and wearing something warm would be smart considering it does get quite windy and cold in the area.


Mole Creek Karst National Park

Caving though Mole Creek Karst National Park is yet another interesting way to spend your time in Tasmania. There are over 300 caves and sinkholes to checkout, impressive stalagmites and stalactites, underground streams and echoing caverns. If you want to check out the popular ones, head to Marakoopa or King Solomons with a professional guide.

Mole Creek Karst National Park


The Nut, Stanley

An ancient volcano awaits you here. Take a hike up or use the chairlift, either way you must get up to the summit to enjoy some of the prettiest and most magnificent views of the northwest part of the island. You will have a view of the Bass Strait, glorious coastlines and charming villages. At the base of the mountain you will have plenty of accommodation choices which are all close to a forest to wander in or a beach to relax on. Don’t forget to check out the penguins, seals, and other awesome wildlife waiting here for you.


Flinders Island

Flinders is the largest of the 51 island archipelago that is just a tad bit northeast of Tasmania. There are many different landscapes to be seen here from granite cliffs dyed pink and grey to rolling green farmlands. This is the place to get away from everything. There are charming beach house cottages dotting the coastlines, game fishing and bird-watching to name a few. If you’re up for a good treasure hunt, then head to Mount Killiecrankie for a sparkling diamond-like stone to bring back home.

Flinders Island, Tasmania


King Island

Isolated and deserted beaches. Did I sell you on this island yet? If not, don’t worry, because this island offers so much more! There are wallabies and peacocks galore, so keep an eye out as you wander about the island. Platypus, Orange-bellied parrots and other exotic wildlife are all here for you to admire. Take a wander to the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere, Cape Wickham Lighthouse. It was established after the disastrous sinking of the Cataraqui after it hit some rocks. Here you can explore over 70 shipwrecks off the rocky coasts, and if you are really interested, you can visit the most important ones scattered all around the island by following the Shipwreck Trail.


Salamanca Place

This is where everyone comes to hang out – the cool, the hip, the families and the couples. This is the spot where everyone can come together and enjoy each other’s company. On Saturdays there is a market which sells handicrafts, food and even fresh produce. Every Friday, you can enjoy the funkiest beats on the island from gypsy jazz to swing dancing music. So grab your partner and swing around this side of town for some good fun. If you’re up for a chill time then just sit back and relax in the Salamanca Square and people watch, have a picnic, or listen to the random musician strumming away next to you. There are galleries, bookshops, cafes and more.

Salamanca Market


Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

This is one of the main attractions here on this small island. Come here to tackle the highest peak of Tasmania, Mount Ossa. Shooting up 1,617 meters you get abundant views, chances for many nature trails, and opportunities to see some of Australia’s most impressive flora and fauna teeming through the enchanted rainforests that surround you. There are distinctive flora such as the fagus and pandani, and if you come during autumn you will get a spectacular display of golds and reds bursting from the trees. Stroll next to rapid rivers and through ancient forests on the Enchanted Walk, which only takes 20 minutes. Should you be looking for more, climbing to the summit is nearly an entire day’s challenge, but certainly rewarding.


Freycinet National Park

Crystal-clear water, stretches of sand for miles and pink granite mountains all make for one stunning set for your visit here. This national park houses the world-class famous beach and top 10 in the world, Wineglass Bay. Come here, stretch out on the sand and forget about the world. You’re more of the active type? No worries, pick yourself up and hop into a kayak, plunge down and go diving or just take a nice swim. There are a few coastal trails as well with opportunities to see nice birdlife.Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park

I know you have been waiting for it. It is named the name Tasmanian Devil because of the island it’s found on as well as its devilish antics. So of course, while you are on this island, this is a must see. Unfortunately these little devils are nocturnal and therefore are very difficult to get a glimpse of in the wild. So a visit to this park would be the most ideal way to get up close and personal with these cute yet devilish little creatures. Other native and rare wildlife can be seen here as well such as hawks, kangaroos and wallabies.

Freycinet National Park


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Things To See In Australia

13, May 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Some Great Things To Visit in Australia

Things To See In Australia – Viewing all that Australia has got to offer in a few days is unfeasible. Due to the remoteness of the country it’s essential to have lengthy travel plans to visit a lot of the places in Australia. To think about a trip to Australia, you must have a minimum of 15 days. Furthermore, the dimensions of the country, one of the largest in the world, entails thousands of  miles to see everything.

Please check the Australian Visa and passport information before booking your Australian Holiday


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will full fill all of your travel needs plus more. Visit Australia Holidays or Gold Coast Hotels for over 4000 hotels spread around Australia.



Most Beneficial and Most Visited Locations in Australia are :

Great Barrier Reef – more than 2,000 km of coral reef off the coast of Queensland, considered one of many major wonders of the world. Might be explored with goggles and flippers, or sailing, scenic flight in a glass bottom boat or staying in certainly one of its many islands surrounded by coral

Things To See in Australia

Whitsunday Islands – Can be enjoyed in some ways: searching at the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea, chill out by the poolside at a luxurious resort, feel like a castaway on a secluded beach, or visit its waters aboard a sail boat.


Daintree Rainforest – a historic forest included inside the World Heritage Listing and stuffed with fan palms, ferns, mangroves, birds, bugs and frogs. You may explore on guided walks during the day, evening tours for wildlife viewing, hiking in the mountains, interpretive walks by platforms, walks by way of the treetops, trails and not using a guide, Jeep tours, horseback riding.


Lifeguard competitions in Gold Coast surfers – They’re tanned and muscular gods of the ocean and icons Australian seaside culture. In Gold Coast, surfers confronted each other in competitions which are demanding events season where they swim, run and make trainers racing. An extraordinary sporting occasion


The Sydney Opera House – one of the important sights of this city. Moreover offering a very good music program, is a building-icon and everybody can go to restaurants and bars or cross it day by day via their circuits. Sydney the Bay Bridge is celebrating its first 80 years

Sydney Harbour


Melbourne – well-known for its cosmopolitan nightlife and for its eating places
Finals of the Australian Football League (AFL)- Celebrated in Melbourne in the last weeks in September. It is a perfect day to benefit from the Australian setting in a good pub and have fun with the followers of this sport.


Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles are rock formations that emerge from the speeding waters of the sea and is likely one of the most famous sights of Victoria. Along a winding street that crosses beaches, jungles and villages. Later, the Ocean Road takes you to the sea jewel of Port Fairy and Cape Bridgewater isolated. Also stroll ready from the Great Ocean Path Apollo Bay to the Apostles.

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC



Wilsons Promontory – Located in Victoria this national park offers among the greatest opportunities to apply sendermismo Australian coast and camping. Hikers must walk the Great Promenade Stroll, three days, one night time will stay in the keeper’s house.


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – a spot of pilgrimage within the desert. A whole lot of miles to be traveled to get there. As well as the park has many different factors of interest embody the unbelievable Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and beautiful sunsets.
Mona- a unique museum located in an incredible place by the river, which can be reached by ferry from the port of Horbart. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) of the Estate Morella is an modern world-class institution. One of the vital extraordinary inventive experiences of the country.


Byron Bay – A small, cozy seaside resort, dynamic, relaxed alternative. It may sound very touristy however is an ideal place for his lengthy, quiet stretches of beach and delightful heart underdeveloped. There are surf, various existence, natural and new age, and all very near Sydney – New South Wales.

Byron Bay



Meals and wine for “gourmet” – In Australia you could find delicacies to go well with all budgets, wines and cheeses in Tasmania, espresso in Melbourne, Sydney oysters and shellfish, red claw in South Australia, crayfish in Western Australia or the food of the Aborigines in the Northern Territory.


Canberra – known for its museums – Essential to the National Gallery of Australia, with its magnificent collection of Australian art, Asian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


Cradle Mountain – Crescent-shaped ridge is a steep rock sculpted by ice and wind after millennia of erosion. It is the most recognisable and spectacular peak of Tasmania. To top it takes a whole day however offers incredible panoramic alpine coronary heart of Tasmania.


Perth and Fremantle – Perth may be far away, however it will not be a cultural wasteland. Subtle restaurants serve fashionable Australia a brand new collection of elegant cocktail is rising in the most distant alleys. Downstream, the lively port of Fremantle gives a pub on every corner that is not occupied by a hostel and caddied and colonial buildings.


Broome and the Kimberley region – a city which is a dynamic mix of contemporary bars, seashores, nature, locals and vacationers of all types. Area is land of camels, baobabs and cave paintings.


South west coast of Western Australia – from winery to vineyard country roads shaded by eucalyptus trees. You can too discover caves and historic towns. Surfers flock to benefit from the well-known waves round Margaret River and many visitors come to see humpback whales.


Aboriginal Artwork in Western Australia – In this area of 59,000 Aborigines dwell nation of various ethnic groups and with totally different idiom’s. In upstate, the Kimberley region offers the artwork of the Wandjina, Gwion Gwion’s (Bradshaw) and up to date Aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Art


Darwin and Kakadu National Park – Located in the Northern Territory and destroyed by bombing through the Second World War and by Cyclone Tracy, Darwin has reinvented itself. This distant town has emerged from the tropical humidity to become a multicultural metropolis and hedonistic. It’s the place to begin for realising the Kakadu National Park. Aboriginal rock artwork, bao sheer cliffs and idyllic ponds fed by enormous waterfalls.


Wine regions of South Australia – Adelaide is intoxicated by the success of its three world-well-known wine regions: the Barossa Valley, north, south McLaren Vale space, and the Clare Valley Riesling and their famous bike rides.


Fraser Island – an ecological jewel by which dingoes roam and luxurious rainforest grows on sand. A primitive utopian island with plentiful wildlife, together with dingoes, which are native dogs livingthroughout the remote areas.


Commentary of wildlife – There’s much to find in Australia: south of the east coast you will see penguins and sea lions, north extraordinary cassowaries and crocodiles that seem dinosaurs. And throughout the country, a lot of animals that can’t be found in some other a part of the world: koalas, kangaroos, wombats and platypus. There are whales on the coast, sea turtles and of course, with its omnipresent kookaburras singing.




Tanami Road and Canning Stock Route Western Australia – Right in the outback, a perfect highway to journey in motor homes or the household car. The sky is blue, redder dust and salt lakes whiter than anyplace else on the planet.


Birdsville horse racing – It began in 1882 and has now turn into a huge occasion with over 6,000 spectators who flock to this tiny town to take pleasure in four days of dusty race and huge amounts of alcohol. Held in early September.


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will include all of your needs plus more.



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Top 5 Destinations in Australia

1, March 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Great Destinations in Australia

Top 5 Delightful Destinations in Australia – Australia is a beautiful place to go out on a holiday. This place is also addressed as “Land down under” and “Oz” as well; it has many scenic beautiful places. To list the most delightful places in a country which are highly diverse might be quite difficult. It is the only continent offering many possibilities to travel using roadways. Let’s take a look at a few amazing places in this land.


Fraser Island

This has been declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is spread over an area of 22 kilometers in width and 123 kilometers in length covering about 184,000 hectares in total. The island located in the South-East of Queensland. It has around 100 freshwater lakes and wonderful white beaches and rainforests all around. If you are in Queensland or Brisbane, you should make it a point to visit this glorious destination.

Fraser Island

Great Barrier Reef

Australia is bestowed with this breath-taking place Great Barrier Reef; this is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world situated in the eastern coast of the continent. Barrier Reef is the quite larger than the Great Wall of China and the only unique place visible from space on the planet. It is blessed with largest coral reef in the world. This reef has more than 3000 distinctive coral reefs which serve as a home to varied marine life. Its evolution dates back to twenty million years from now. Ensure that you visit this divine location.Great Barrier Reef


Magnetic Island

This island is positioned in the tropical north zone of Australia about 8 kilometers away from Townsville, the northern capital of Queensland. This place has wildlife in abundance. Its lone beaches and its uncorrupted natural beauty gives a complete tropical experience in this country. It has a National Park covering an area about 5,184 hectares, which means it takes over more than half of this island. It consists of a population about 2500; in addition to this it also has many Australian holiday resorts.

Magnetic Island



It was discovered by Abel Tasman, a Dutch in the year 1642. It is quite unique compared to the other Australian states. The grandeur of its landscape makes it exclusive. Hobart is its capital lying at the mouth of Derwent River and at the foot of the mountains Wellington and Nelson. People of all age groups enjoy being here as it has nightclubs, restaurants, shopping centers and much more. It has a population of about 200,000. Tasmania also has other cities like Devonport, Launceston and Bumie having a lot more things to offer.

Sullivans Cove - Tasmania



This place is very familiar to most people and is one of the most visited places in Australia. It has many buildings and tourist attractions. A few of them are Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Amp Tower, The Rocks, Sydney Olympic Park, and Sydney Beaches.

Sydney Harbour


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Where Are Australia’s Most Hidden Gems?

18, February 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Australia’s Best Less Known Places

Where Are Australia’s Most Hidden Gems – Putting together a list of inspirational places to visit in Australia is easy.  Asked to do so, most people would list Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and perhaps a few more places based on what they know about the country.

There is no doubt that trips to those locations are exciting, but the best part of any holiday is surely discovering the places that not many people visit, and enjoying the ‘hidden jewels’ that exist in every country around the world.

We set out on our own journey to uncover some of the best examples of these around Australia, just don’t tell anyone our secret!


William Bay National Park

Those that drive from Adelaide to Perth will see the signs for this park, which don’t tell you anything about the beauty you can find within it. However, for sheltered pools, surreal rock formations, and gorgeous beaches, there are fewer places better in Australia.

The fact that so many people drive straight past is a crime, but at least you will have much of the beautiful scenery and landscape to yourself.

William Bay National Park


Maria Island

Much of the talk when it comes to Tasmania is around Hobart in the south and the Bay of Fires in the north. In between, situated slightly off the east Tasman coast, is Maria Island, all of which is a national park and wildlife sanctuary.

There are stunning cliff faces, rocky beaches, and miles of dense woodland to be explored here, and is definitely worth dedicating as much time as you will the Tasman mainland.

Maria Island


Southern Yorke Peninsula

This location is known to locals as the ‘Bottom End,’ and is one of the best places to go in South Australia. While the Yorke Peninsula itself is well-known and popular, few venture right to the southernmost points, where there are rock pools, secluded beaches, and dense scrubland where kangaroos and emus can be observed in their natural habitat.

The area is also great for camping and fitting in some fishing during your trip.

Southern Yorke Peninsula



Coconut Island

Coconut Island is closer to Papua New Guinea than it is to the Australian mainland, but is somewhere you should look to explore nevertheless. In fact, you could dedicate a whole holiday to the island and its counterparts in the Coral Sea.

This is our favourite, however, with awe-inspiring beaches and welcoming guesthouses managed by the 200 people who call Coconut Island their permanent home. Perhaps the best bit about the place is the opportunity to get involved with community life, and learn how the residents go about catching the fish that makes up much of their diet.

Coconut Island


Diamond Head

Much of northern New South Wales goes undiscovered thanks to tourists who stick diligently to the Pacific Highway. However, Diamond Head, in Crowdy Bay National Park, is one of the best camping areas in the whole country, with access to several great beaches as well as a number of brilliant trails that will take you through the bush.

Head off the well-trodden path and discover the hidden beauty that exists all throughout Australia, and give yourself an experience to remember.

Diamond Head - NSW



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