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Sailing Around Australia

4, June 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Take A Sailing Trip Around Australia

Are you interested in taking a sailing trip around Australia, stopping to visit some of the more popular destinations along the way? There are many destinations that you can stop and take a look at, offering beautiful surroundings for you to enjoy while on your Australian holiday. The destinations in which you stop at will depend very much upon the route that you take, and the amount of time that you have available to you in order to properly plan the different stops that you are going to make. There are literally hundreds of excellent destinations around the rim of Australia, and each one requires careful consideration before reaching a final decision. Some of the different destinations that you should take into consideration when you are planning a sailing trip around Australia include;

Sailing Around The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef The best aquatic destination that you should look into when you are looking to take a sailing trip around Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef in the world, and is absolutely teeming with life. Of course, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when visiting the Great Barrier Reef, such as where you are going to be docking the sail boat while you are out, as well as the amount of time that you would like to spend at the reef. The Great Barrier Reef is something that everyone should attempt to see at least once in their lifetime, as it is the premiere destination for tourists and locals like in Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Sydney Harbour Another excellent place for you to stop on your trip is in Sydney Harbour, where many different docks are located. The harbor itself is what you might expect, but the stop does provide you with an excellent destination, as there is a lot to do in the Sydney area. Sydney as a city is filled with great entertainment including shows, beautiful sights and sounds, and excellent restaurants and food. You may even want to consider setting aside multiple days so that you can spend a great deal of time in the city. It provides you with a great way to get off of the boat in the beginning, which should allow you to ensure that you get to enjoy the city to its fullest potential and see all of the beautiful sights and sounds that are available to you.

Sydney Harbour

Green Island Green Island is another beautiful destination that you should consider on your trip. Green Island is a common spot to stop during sailing trips. There are multiple reasons why Green Island is a must see destination during your sailing trip. To start, Green Island is not much more than a day’s sail from the Great Barrier Reef, which makes it a very easy area for you to visit during your stay. Green Island is a coral island, about 26 kilometres from Cairns, which makes it a convenient place to sail to. The island offers excellent scuba diving, beautiful sights and sounds, and some of the best aquatic life outside of the Great Barrier Reef. Green Island is an excellent destination for your sailing trip around Australia. 

Green Island

Port Douglas Port Douglas is another popular destination for individuals that are sailing around Australia. Known for its beautiful sunsets, Port Douglas allows you to check out the Coral Sea and Low Isles, both beautiful destinations that you should check out if you have the time during your trip. It is a relaxing destination, and stopping in the port itself can provide you with some excellent dining and wonderful entertainment.

Port Douglas

Derwent River Another popular location that many people visit is the Derwent River, which can be sailed down, with many different smaller destinations available along the way. The Derwent river is a hugely popular sailing destination, giving you access to hundreds of destinations along the long river. Australia is a beautiful continent, and there are many different sights that you can see during your sailing trip that can help you to really get a feel for what the area has to offer and make the most of your vacation time. Plan ahead, know the routes that you are looking to take, and ensure that you have an excellent vacation and sailing trip as a whole.

The Derwent River

About The Author Julia Brown is a writer with a lot of experience in sailing throughout Australia. She one day plans to apply for boat finance loan and perhaps helping other individuals to enjoy the joys of sailing throughout the area.




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Things To See In Australia

13, May 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Some Great Things To Visit in Australia

Things To See In Australia – Viewing all that Australia has got to offer in a few days is unfeasible. Due to the remoteness of the country it’s essential to have lengthy travel plans to visit a lot of the places in Australia. To think about a trip to Australia, you must have a minimum of 15 days. Furthermore, the dimensions of the country, one of the largest in the world, entails thousands of  miles to see everything.

Please check the Australian Visa and passport information before booking your Australian Holiday


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will full fill all of your travel needs plus more. Visit Australia Holidays or Gold Coast Hotels for over 4000 hotels spread around Australia.



Most Beneficial and Most Visited Locations in Australia are :

Great Barrier Reef – more than 2,000 km of coral reef off the coast of Queensland, considered one of many major wonders of the world. Might be explored with goggles and flippers, or sailing, scenic flight in a glass bottom boat or staying in certainly one of its many islands surrounded by coral

Things To See in Australia

Whitsunday Islands – Can be enjoyed in some ways: searching at the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea, chill out by the poolside at a luxurious resort, feel like a castaway on a secluded beach, or visit its waters aboard a sail boat.


Daintree Rainforest – a historic forest included inside the World Heritage Listing and stuffed with fan palms, ferns, mangroves, birds, bugs and frogs. You may explore on guided walks during the day, evening tours for wildlife viewing, hiking in the mountains, interpretive walks by platforms, walks by way of the treetops, trails and not using a guide, Jeep tours, horseback riding.


Lifeguard competitions in Gold Coast surfers – They’re tanned and muscular gods of the ocean and icons Australian seaside culture. In Gold Coast, surfers confronted each other in competitions which are demanding events season where they swim, run and make trainers racing. An extraordinary sporting occasion


The Sydney Opera House – one of the important sights of this city. Moreover offering a very good music program, is a building-icon and everybody can go to restaurants and bars or cross it day by day via their circuits. Sydney the Bay Bridge is celebrating its first 80 years

Sydney Harbour


Melbourne – well-known for its cosmopolitan nightlife and for its eating places
Finals of the Australian Football League (AFL)- Celebrated in Melbourne in the last weeks in September. It is a perfect day to benefit from the Australian setting in a good pub and have fun with the followers of this sport.


Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles are rock formations that emerge from the speeding waters of the sea and is likely one of the most famous sights of Victoria. Along a winding street that crosses beaches, jungles and villages. Later, the Ocean Road takes you to the sea jewel of Port Fairy and Cape Bridgewater isolated. Also stroll ready from the Great Ocean Path Apollo Bay to the Apostles.

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC



Wilsons Promontory – Located in Victoria this national park offers among the greatest opportunities to apply sendermismo Australian coast and camping. Hikers must walk the Great Promenade Stroll, three days, one night time will stay in the keeper’s house.


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – a spot of pilgrimage within the desert. A whole lot of miles to be traveled to get there. As well as the park has many different factors of interest embody the unbelievable Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and beautiful sunsets.
Mona- a unique museum located in an incredible place by the river, which can be reached by ferry from the port of Horbart. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) of the Estate Morella is an modern world-class institution. One of the vital extraordinary inventive experiences of the country.


Byron Bay – A small, cozy seaside resort, dynamic, relaxed alternative. It may sound very touristy however is an ideal place for his lengthy, quiet stretches of beach and delightful heart underdeveloped. There are surf, various existence, natural and new age, and all very near Sydney – New South Wales.

Byron Bay



Meals and wine for “gourmet” – In Australia you could find delicacies to go well with all budgets, wines and cheeses in Tasmania, espresso in Melbourne, Sydney oysters and shellfish, red claw in South Australia, crayfish in Western Australia or the food of the Aborigines in the Northern Territory.


Canberra – known for its museums – Essential to the National Gallery of Australia, with its magnificent collection of Australian art, Asian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


Cradle Mountain – Crescent-shaped ridge is a steep rock sculpted by ice and wind after millennia of erosion. It is the most recognisable and spectacular peak of Tasmania. To top it takes a whole day however offers incredible panoramic alpine coronary heart of Tasmania.


Perth and Fremantle – Perth may be far away, however it will not be a cultural wasteland. Subtle restaurants serve fashionable Australia a brand new collection of elegant cocktail is rising in the most distant alleys. Downstream, the lively port of Fremantle gives a pub on every corner that is not occupied by a hostel and caddied and colonial buildings.


Broome and the Kimberley region – a city which is a dynamic mix of contemporary bars, seashores, nature, locals and vacationers of all types. Area is land of camels, baobabs and cave paintings.


South west coast of Western Australia – from winery to vineyard country roads shaded by eucalyptus trees. You can too discover caves and historic towns. Surfers flock to benefit from the well-known waves round Margaret River and many visitors come to see humpback whales.


Aboriginal Artwork in Western Australia – In this area of 59,000 Aborigines dwell nation of various ethnic groups and with totally different idiom’s. In upstate, the Kimberley region offers the artwork of the Wandjina, Gwion Gwion’s (Bradshaw) and up to date Aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Art


Darwin and Kakadu National Park – Located in the Northern Territory and destroyed by bombing through the Second World War and by Cyclone Tracy, Darwin has reinvented itself. This distant town has emerged from the tropical humidity to become a multicultural metropolis and hedonistic. It’s the place to begin for realising the Kakadu National Park. Aboriginal rock artwork, bao sheer cliffs and idyllic ponds fed by enormous waterfalls.


Wine regions of South Australia – Adelaide is intoxicated by the success of its three world-well-known wine regions: the Barossa Valley, north, south McLaren Vale space, and the Clare Valley Riesling and their famous bike rides.


Fraser Island – an ecological jewel by which dingoes roam and luxurious rainforest grows on sand. A primitive utopian island with plentiful wildlife, together with dingoes, which are native dogs livingthroughout the remote areas.


Commentary of wildlife – There’s much to find in Australia: south of the east coast you will see penguins and sea lions, north extraordinary cassowaries and crocodiles that seem dinosaurs. And throughout the country, a lot of animals that can’t be found in some other a part of the world: koalas, kangaroos, wombats and platypus. There are whales on the coast, sea turtles and of course, with its omnipresent kookaburras singing.




Tanami Road and Canning Stock Route Western Australia – Right in the outback, a perfect highway to journey in motor homes or the household car. The sky is blue, redder dust and salt lakes whiter than anyplace else on the planet.


Birdsville horse racing – It began in 1882 and has now turn into a huge occasion with over 6,000 spectators who flock to this tiny town to take pleasure in four days of dusty race and huge amounts of alcohol. Held in early September.


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will include all of your needs plus more.



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What To Do In Brisbane on The Weekend

4, May 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Explore Brisbane For The Weekend

What To Do in Brisbane On The Weekend. As the sunny capital of Queensland there is always plenty to do in Brisbane. With cheap domestic flights landing every hour, the Gold Coast provides endless possibilities for Australians looking to have fun at the weekend. Famous for its proximity to Surfers Paradise, the beach resort has a reputation as Australia’s nightlife capital with a host of sexy clubs and lounge bars in place for an affluent party crowd. Clubbers looking to enjoy a big night out can take advantage of the frequent flights in to the city and dance to an eclectic mixture of live bands and DJs from across the globe. Club Liv and Vanity nightclubs are two of the Surfers Paradise most popular nightspots and offer decadence, cocktails and glamour every night of the week.


Anyone going to Brisbane for a long weekend certainly will have a rich variety of entertainment on offer. The cosmopolitan heart of Queensland is a fantastic shopping destination with an abundance of restaurants and music festivals taking place throughout the year. Across the Brisbane River, the South Bank is resplendent with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and cultural experiences, and these have come to characterise Brisbane’s chic lifestyle. Visitors can explore ‘The Parklands’ with its epic foliage, public beach, lagoons and picnic areas, as well Brisbane’s defining art and cultural hubs in Grey Street. Providing a cultural alternative to the razzmatazz of Surfers Paradise, anyone booking a stay in Brisbane will certainly not be disappointed.


Moreton Bay
Less than an hour away from Brisbane city centre, the turquoise waters of Moreton Bay and Islands make it a perfect location for water sport lovers. Offering crystal clear water and picturesque sandy beaches, visitors to the region can participate in a spot of sand tobogganing, surfing or even quad biking. Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world where lagoons exist amongst tall sand dunes, abundant wildflowers and pristine beaches. It’s a beautiful part of the world with an abundance of snorkeling and sailing activities taking place throughout the year. The stunning landscape extends inland towards the Scenic Rim and Country Valley region, where visitors can enjoy some of the most romantic drives in Australia.

Moreton Island


Brisbane’s Countryside
Perfect for anyone looking for a country weekend, the spectacular Scenic Rim is home to some of the Australia’s most spectacular landscapes. A wonderfully versatile landscape and perfect for a hired drive, the Brisbane countryside has inspired glossy holiday brochures for decades. ‘Brisvegas’ is a fabulous place to spend a weekend with some of the greatest clubs, shops and natural landscapes in the country. With so many cheap domestic flights coming into Brisbane Airport throughout the year, there is no better place to unwind at the weekend than the sunshine capital of Queensland.

Glass Mountains


About the Author
Ursula Jones writes on behalf of Cheapflights and has spent most of her adult life travelling the globe. She considers Queensland one of her favourite parts of Australia.




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Extreme Sports Holidays In Australia

19, April 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Extreme Sports Holidays In Australia For Adrenaline Junkies

Extreme Sports Holidays In Australia – Most  people are content on going out to dance at a nightclub or local festival, while some people are quite satisfied playing their weekend sport like Netball, Basketball, AFL Football, Soccer, Hockey or Rugby, but the adrenaline junkies are not thrilled unless they feel like they are doing something that has danger  all around it or actually taking it to the next level and that they just might actually die. Adrenaline junkies are known to be somewhat daring, brave and adventurous – I think they’re mental, however if any of you adrenaline freaks are stuck for the craziest most heart pumping experiences in Australia here are a few I have found and you don’t have to stay in the major cities like Melbourne or Sydney to find them.


Bungy Jumping in Queensland
Queensland has more to its bungy jumps than people think – it isn’t just a beautiful picturesque surrounding. This particular site is the highest viewing platform in Australia to jump from, offering a fantastic view fifty meters above sea level.

AJ Hackett’s jump site is located twenty minutes North of Cairns where the self-appointed victim can see mountains, trees, and wonderful waterfalls; but what will get the adrenaline pumping?
Well there is sixteen different ways to be thrown from the platform! They also offer the chance to jump on a BMX – because feeling like you’re going to die on foot just isn’t enough for some people.

There is a free door to door transfer from your Australian accommodation located close by and at the end of it all you get a lovely certificate to prove that you jumped and survived!

AJ Hackett Bundgy


Sky Diving
This adrenaline pumping past time is available at regional centres across Australia so you have the choice of where you would like to plummet to the earth from.

The average flight is around fifteen minutes all together, the free fall is only forty-five seconds and after you pull your shoot you have around four to five minutes to enjoy a view not many people will experience. The jump heights vary and reach up to 15,000 feet.
Don’t worry if you’re a little scared, apparently it feels more like floating than falling – if you don’t “bake a cake” in your trousers and back out of jumping!



Shark Cage Diving With Great Whites
Yes! This will make anyone’s heart jump into their throat, the wonder of being shoved into a cage and plunged into the cold sea waiting for a huge shark to spot you – what could be better!?

Well for all you adrenaline junkies out there Australia offers the chance to cage dive with sharks at Neptune Island, which is near Spencer Gulf in South Australia. There are no diving qualifications needed, you get a lovely spacious cage with a total of forty-five minutes being face to face with a psychotic murderous giant fish – sounds like fun.
To get to the diving location you will be transported by a boat, with a bar, and on the way you may even spot some dolphins or the odd whale! Did I mention the boat has a bar?

Don’t forget – what makes Neptune Island special is they have an eighteen foot long shark they call “Big Mumma” and sometimes she makes an appearance!

Shark Cage Diving


Be a “Top Gun” style Jet Fighter
It may seem like a dream come true for some, and no, you don’t need a pilot licence! Imagine yourself in fighter pilot uniform, walking towards your aircraft as a band sings “Take my Breath Away” – Or maybe not!

You have a choice of which aircraft you want to fly with an experienced pilot by your side to take you into the sky and then let you handle things! You may need a lot of bravery and confidence for this one. We all know the Australians can be a little crazy – don’t worry not the Tom Cruise kind of crazy, they don’t train you for alien warfare. However, they do take you through military combat manoeuvres and give you a choice of “missions” to carry out. Flight times range from fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes and are as mild or as wild as you want them to be.



About The Author
Barry Milner is a self-professed adrenaline junkie who booked his holiday to Australia with



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Small Town Beaches in Queensland

15, March 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Queensland’s Small Town Beaches

Small Town Beaches in Queensland– Queensland is among the most famous of the six states in Australia. The reason for this popularity is its association with numerous tourist attractions of historical value like Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef. One of its main tourist areas is the Gold Coast tourist resort located immediately south of Brisbane.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and its largest city overall. It has a population that exceeds 2 million in number. With all these people it still maintains a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

The most popular small town beaches that have evolved to become a tourist must-see in Queensland are-

• Gold Coast
• Sunshine Coast
• Capricornia
• Townsville


Gold Coast
This coastal city is located in Queensland’s southeast corner. It rests between Brisbane (to its North) and New South Wales (to its South). It has been a famous high-profile destination for tourists for years. People flock from all around to visit Surfers Paradise which is the main stopping point for tourist activity in the area.

The Gold Coast is a city full of towering high-rises built around fantastic beaches. It is the 6th largest city in Queensland. It is home to the birthplace of the ‘bikini’. There are theme parks, endless stretches of sand, spa retreats, golf courses, nightclubs and bars, and designer boutiques all for the enjoyment of tourists and vacationers.

The Gold Coast


Sunshine Coast
This must-see attraction is full of beachside towns lying north of Brisbane. Rather than being one all-included destination the Sunshine Coast is a whole collection of destinations. Each little spot has its own feel and personality. You can visit Noosa and have an entirely different experience than what you would have in Coolum or Caloundra.

It is a place of natural beauty with tropical rain forests and spectacular beaches. Eco-tourists love the unspoiled locations teeming with native fauna and flora that are untouched. A hugely popular destination is Maryborough as it heads towards the well known coastal town of Harvey Bay. On the Sunshine Coast, tourists can find the Australian Zoo which is home to the famous ‘Crocodile Hunter’ only a short 20-minute drive away. The population totals about 200,000 and is divided into 3 separate and distinct areas which are Maroochy, Caloundra, and Noosa.



There are excellent must-see tourist attraction in Capricornia. There is Rockhampton, a small town lying along the Fitzroy River and noted for its late 19th century historic buildings. Northeast of Rockhampton you will find ‘Yeppoon’ featuring beaches and resorts running from north to south.

Rockhampton Beaches



Townsville lies on the coast as it takes pleasure in existing under 320 days of sunshine per year. This makes it a great place for tourists to stop off and visit ‘Magnetic Island’ which they can reach by car or passenger ferry within 25 to 45 minutes. It affords them the luxury and opportunity of experiencing the Australian Outback without venturing very far off the coast. It is seen as being North Queensland’s ‘unofficial’ capital.

In Townsville you can enjoy a relaxing walk along a stretch of beach known as the ‘Strand’. This is a great place to unwind or enjoy a meal by the ocean. Seagull feeding seems to be a common event on warm tropical evenings.

Townsville Beaches



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