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Things To See In Australia

13, May 2015 Posted by Australia_Travel

Some Great Things To Visit in Australia

Things To See In Australia – Viewing all that Australia has got to offer in a few days is unfeasible. Due to the remoteness of the country it’s essential to have lengthy travel plans to visit a lot of the places in Australia. To think about a trip to Australia, you must have a minimum of 15 days. Furthermore, the dimensions of the country, one of the largest in the world, entails thousands of  miles to see everything.

Please check the Australian Visa and passport information before booking your Australian Holiday


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will full fill all of your travel needs plus more. Visit Australia Holidays or Gold Coast Hotels for over 4000 hotels spread around Australia.



Most Beneficial and Most Visited Locations in Australia are :

Great Barrier Reef – more than 2,000 km of coral reef off the coast of Queensland, considered one of many major wonders of the world. Might be explored with goggles and flippers, or sailing, scenic flight in a glass bottom boat or staying in certainly one of its many islands surrounded by coral

Things To See in Australia

Whitsunday Islands – Can be enjoyed in some ways: searching at the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea, chill out by the poolside at a luxurious resort, feel like a castaway on a secluded beach, or visit its waters aboard a sail boat.


Daintree Rainforest – a historic forest included inside the World Heritage Listing and stuffed with fan palms, ferns, mangroves, birds, bugs and frogs. You may explore on guided walks during the day, evening tours for wildlife viewing, hiking in the mountains, interpretive walks by platforms, walks by way of the treetops, trails and not using a guide, Jeep tours, horseback riding.


Lifeguard competitions in Gold Coast surfers – They’re tanned and muscular gods of the ocean and icons Australian seaside culture. In Gold Coast, surfers confronted each other in competitions which are demanding events season where they swim, run and make trainers racing. An extraordinary sporting occasion


The Sydney Opera House – one of the important sights of this city. Moreover offering a very good music program, is a building-icon and everybody can go to restaurants and bars or cross it day by day via their circuits. Sydney the Bay Bridge is celebrating its first 80 years

Sydney Harbour


Melbourne – well-known for its cosmopolitan nightlife and for its eating places
Finals of the Australian Football League (AFL)- Celebrated in Melbourne in the last weeks in September. It is a perfect day to benefit from the Australian setting in a good pub and have fun with the followers of this sport.


Great Ocean Road – The Twelve Apostles are rock formations that emerge from the speeding waters of the sea and is likely one of the most famous sights of Victoria. Along a winding street that crosses beaches, jungles and villages. Later, the Ocean Road takes you to the sea jewel of Port Fairy and Cape Bridgewater isolated. Also stroll ready from the Great Ocean Path Apollo Bay to the Apostles.

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, VIC



Wilsons Promontory – Located in Victoria this national park offers among the greatest opportunities to apply sendermismo Australian coast and camping. Hikers must walk the Great Promenade Stroll, three days, one night time will stay in the keeper’s house.


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – a spot of pilgrimage within the desert. A whole lot of miles to be traveled to get there. As well as the park has many different factors of interest embody the unbelievable Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and beautiful sunsets.
Mona- a unique museum located in an incredible place by the river, which can be reached by ferry from the port of Horbart. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) of the Estate Morella is an modern world-class institution. One of the vital extraordinary inventive experiences of the country.


Byron Bay – A small, cozy seaside resort, dynamic, relaxed alternative. It may sound very touristy however is an ideal place for his lengthy, quiet stretches of beach and delightful heart underdeveloped. There are surf, various existence, natural and new age, and all very near Sydney – New South Wales.

Byron Bay



Meals and wine for “gourmet” – In Australia you could find delicacies to go well with all budgets, wines and cheeses in Tasmania, espresso in Melbourne, Sydney oysters and shellfish, red claw in South Australia, crayfish in Western Australia or the food of the Aborigines in the Northern Territory.


Canberra – known for its museums – Essential to the National Gallery of Australia, with its magnificent collection of Australian art, Asian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


Cradle Mountain – Crescent-shaped ridge is a steep rock sculpted by ice and wind after millennia of erosion. It is the most recognisable and spectacular peak of Tasmania. To top it takes a whole day however offers incredible panoramic alpine coronary heart of Tasmania.


Perth and Fremantle – Perth may be far away, however it will not be a cultural wasteland. Subtle restaurants serve fashionable Australia a brand new collection of elegant cocktail is rising in the most distant alleys. Downstream, the lively port of Fremantle gives a pub on every corner that is not occupied by a hostel and caddied and colonial buildings.


Broome and the Kimberley region – a city which is a dynamic mix of contemporary bars, seashores, nature, locals and vacationers of all types. Area is land of camels, baobabs and cave paintings.


South west coast of Western Australia – from winery to vineyard country roads shaded by eucalyptus trees. You can too discover caves and historic towns. Surfers flock to benefit from the well-known waves round Margaret River and many visitors come to see humpback whales.


Aboriginal Artwork in Western Australia – In this area of 59,000 Aborigines dwell nation of various ethnic groups and with totally different idiom’s. In upstate, the Kimberley region offers the artwork of the Wandjina, Gwion Gwion’s (Bradshaw) and up to date Aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Art


Darwin and Kakadu National Park – Located in the Northern Territory and destroyed by bombing through the Second World War and by Cyclone Tracy, Darwin has reinvented itself. This distant town has emerged from the tropical humidity to become a multicultural metropolis and hedonistic. It’s the place to begin for realising the Kakadu National Park. Aboriginal rock artwork, bao sheer cliffs and idyllic ponds fed by enormous waterfalls.


Wine regions of South Australia – Adelaide is intoxicated by the success of its three world-well-known wine regions: the Barossa Valley, north, south McLaren Vale space, and the Clare Valley Riesling and their famous bike rides.


Fraser Island – an ecological jewel by which dingoes roam and luxurious rainforest grows on sand. A primitive utopian island with plentiful wildlife, together with dingoes, which are native dogs livingthroughout the remote areas.


Commentary of wildlife – There’s much to find in Australia: south of the east coast you will see penguins and sea lions, north extraordinary cassowaries and crocodiles that seem dinosaurs. And throughout the country, a lot of animals that can’t be found in some other a part of the world: koalas, kangaroos, wombats and platypus. There are whales on the coast, sea turtles and of course, with its omnipresent kookaburras singing.




Tanami Road and Canning Stock Route Western Australia – Right in the outback, a perfect highway to journey in motor homes or the household car. The sky is blue, redder dust and salt lakes whiter than anyplace else on the planet.


Birdsville horse racing – It began in 1882 and has now turn into a huge occasion with over 6,000 spectators who flock to this tiny town to take pleasure in four days of dusty race and huge amounts of alcohol. Held in early September.


What ever your sort of holiday, budget, family condition or journey type, your holiday to Australia will include all of your needs plus more.



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Perth to Darwin Road Trip

6, July 2013 Posted by Australia_Travel

Great Australian Road Trips: Perth To Darwin Road Trip

Going on a  Perth to Darwin Road Trip is a long drive and very remote and tedious. You can drive for hours and not even see another car or town.. This area has had some new discoveries and is not all about Red dust and long roads.

This rather new tourist region has plenty to offer; national parks, coral reefs, old mining cities, beaches, and much more. There is plenty to experience along this long drive. For instance, on the way you can take an adventure along the Swan River, enjoy the antics of the dolphins at Monkey Mia, take hold of the aboriginal culture in Karratha and take a sojourn to the China wall in Halls Creek. Alternatively, you can visit Kelly’s Knob Lookout or go to Diversion Dam in Kununurra and end your great car drive in Darwin where you can enjoy drinks at sunset in the Casuarina Coastal Reserve, or, have an outing in one of the spectacular Botanical Gardens.

The above is a glimpse of what you can experience and enjoy on a car drive from Perth to Darwin. It’s an adventure either way you look at it. From the instant you put your foot to the pedal, you will think of your quest as one of the best drives of your life!

Perth to Darwin

Perth to Darwin



If you are thinking about travelling in the region of Australia, one of the top places to begin your travels is Perth. Not only is it an incredible place to take it easy for a while, it is also one of the least expensive places to begin your exploration, and this includes purchasing a car. Having purchased your car, if you haven’t one already, you are in for an unbelievable drive! You can drive east to Adelaide across the Nullarbor, a great straight stretch of road that seems to go on to infinity, or, you can truly become ecstatic and decide to see sections of Australia and the world few have bothered to venture. Civilization is miniscule along this expanse of coast; however, every 250kms you can fill-up your auto or get any repairs if needed. The road has been tarmacked only in the past decade or so, thereby making 4-wheel drives unnecessary.


Journey Phase I
Your initial place of interest at this time in your journey is the Nambung National Park nearby Cervantes. This is where the mystification of Australia’s own Stonehenge limestone formations, in the shape of the Pinnacles, can be found inside the park. They will leave you amazed. Many say the best time to visit is at dawn or dusk when the day-trippers from Perth are away and the opportunity to really let-go, frolic around, and not feel awkward during your excitement is more rewarding. It’s an opportunity to feel “at one” with these strangely formed effigies.

On the other hand, you can take an interest in another addition in the area, the kangaroos. In some ways, these creatures effortlessly blend into the scenery. Keep in mind that the drive through the Pinnacles can become testy following a downpour if you are not driving a 4WD.


Journey Phase II
The next jaunt to experience is Kalbarri. A small municipality on the coast enclosed by a National Park with picturesque ravines and rainforest, along with marvellously pristine landscapes out across the ocean. Prior to feeling swept away with physical prowess, it might be worth remembering, rather than hiking up Red Bluff from the beach, you can simply jump in your car and drive up. In fact, it’s quite logical to do this. Think about it, it will save you time from going down once more to fetch the car!

Kalbarri. WA

Kalbarri. WA


Journey Phase III
Several hundred kilometres away north, go towards Denham and drive towards the massive Shark Bay, one more Australian World Heritage Site. There are a number of reasons for going in this direction. Firstly, off the thoroughfare are the Hamelin Pools to view the Stromatolites. The Stromatolites are the most ancient and biggest living fossils in the world. In fact, Stromatolites are regarded as “living fossils,” an element of the world’s evolutionary past.

On the surface, they seem to be some sort of surplus from a misshapen cement calamity. But then, you realize these old fossils supply the earth’s atmosphere with the majority of its oxygen, and you really come to appreciate them!


Journey Phase IV
The next stop is Shell Beach. It acquired its name because the beach, which is 110km in length, is made up completely of shells, some that go up to ten metres deep in certain places. It is advised to wear shoes when walking along this beach. The shells are very minute and flawlessly white producing a spectacular beach setting. However, you should be forewarned; there is no shade. Additionally, at one border of Shell Beach, a fence prevents anyone from getting too near the mining facility that exhumes the calcium-laden shells that cover the beach.


Journey Phase V
Denham itself is nothing to write home about; however, keep moving west and you come to Monkey Mia. First off, don’t get confused into thinking this region is a little township, it is a dolphin research station consisting of a minor but superb campsite joined to it. This is where you can stand up to your knees in the sea and observe the dolphins being fed. Of course, this is an incredible experience; in spite of this, there are a few things you must take into consideration. To begin with, the station rangers are incredibly stringent about how far you can go into the water. Then, it is all somewhat automatic since the few dolphins that come two times a day to be fed are the same ones that arrive each day! And lastly, you will not be the only visitors gathering to marvel at the site.

It is true, the campsite has fantastic facilities, along with a tennis court that cost nothing, and a thatch-roofed swimming pool, that maintains a comfortable cool temperature next to a hot tub where you can relax and catch sight across the beach via the palm trees. Whew, sounds pretty tempting!


Journey Phase VI
Your drive should take you to the next township while heading north to Carnarvon. This is where you really begin to feel how invasive urban vicinities can be following a day of nearly being entirely alone. Be clever at this spot and use it to get fuel and food if you plan to keep driving.




Journey Phase VII
You will drive around one hour before your next turn to view the blowholes and Lake Macleod. With a bit of fortune, you will see water in the lake while you encircle it in the direction of the coast to view the blowholes, an astounding piece of work through natural engineering. Even more spectacular, is the site where the public toilet is stationed. Go up the stairs to the seating area, and if all is clear, let the door remain open and benefit from the magnificent sea radiating through the crevices in the rocks. Well, only try this one if you have the nerve, unless you can get one of your travelling companions to keep a watch-out for you.

It is someplace near this glorious stretch that the road broadens and you will see signs for drivers to watch out for aircraft landings. If you can keep your eyes gazed on the road and skies, you won’t forget the spectacle. Besides, the aircraft are for transporting doctors. Therefore, you will be in good hands if the distraction of the landscape happens to land you in hot water. However, it is better to keep you eyes on the road!


Journey Phase VIII
Now, you will encounter a short rerouteing off the central highway to Exmouth. You can take a break, get your photo snapped as you traverse the Tropic of Capricorn, or add your moniker to the very much written on sign. In Exmouth, you can enjoy an excursion on a glass-bottomed boat or enjoy snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef, the east coast’s counter to the Great Barrier Reef.

The fish are placid but become wound up once food is given to them from the boat. On the other hand, if you are audacious enough you can jump right in and allow the fish to eat directly from your hand. Just think of being in the park feeding a bunch of pigeons! There is an accommodating garage in Exmouth if any repairs are needed for your car. However, if you discover that your situation requires a spare part, you had better phone in advance before coming to the stop since the part you require may have to be mailed from Perth via an overnight courier.

The coastal motorway after this point is fairly dull; however, you can go inland and view some fantastic gorges, though you must take care since fuel stops are scarce and at times, a 4WD is crucial.


Journey Phase IX
The next large province is Port Headland, whose main purpose is as a port for every mineral mine further inland. It is better to continue driving to Broome, with perhaps a short break at 80-mile beach to be bowled over at the quantity of fishermen and sand that queue the stretch. Broome is an area great for setting up camp for a time and relax after the extensive drive thus far.

Broome was the centre for pearl-diving in Australia, and maintains a huge Chinese and Japanese prevalence today. Currently, it is a main escape place for many tourists and Australians and therefore has quite a sophisticated ambience. During the day, you can head towards Cable Beach, with sparking clear blue water, white sand, and even camels to hitch a ride! In addition, you can stroll to the farthest part of the beach to the lighthouse and become inspired at the impressive sunsets from the cliffs.

If you have the patience to wait for a really low-tide, you can view dinosaur tracks in the rocks underneath the lighthouse. For those with little time, there is a mould of the footprints imprinted on the cliff top. Once each month, Broome stands eyewitness to an occurrence known as “Staircase to the Moon.” A cloudless night during the increasing full-moon produces a rippled pattern across the water.

Broome, WA

Broome, WA


Journey X
From Broome the main road goes east-inland. If you have a reliable 4WD and you have the provisions, go to the Bungle Bungles and Kimberleys. You will discover some of the most magical panoramas in Australia. Or else, stay on the main road and enjoy some of the landscape by taking a short detour to the Geikie Gorge, or perhaps south to the Wolfe-Creek meteorite crater.

As an alternative, quickly go off the central road to Wyndham. It is something to see with the beautiful Five-Rivers Lookout to view from above Mt. Bastion. You can drive your car all the way up to admire the incredible 360-degree view of the Five Rivers that unite in the valleys beneath. If you are lucky, you may get to observe the crocodiles that loiter in the waters as well. If you favour fruit, or picking them, you can make the following stop in Kununurra. You will have the opportunity to select, pack, and eat a vast choice of fruit and vegetables. Moreover, it is a lovely isolated stop too.

From this point go eastward to the border of the Northern Territories. The road becomes pleasant to drive on once again, and driving in back of the road-trains is probably the only way to dodge hitting kangaroos! In addition, at Katherine you can pause to view the magnificent Katherine Gorge, prior to going north to Darwin. There are various detours you can take off this pathway. The Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs, Litchfield National Park, and Kakadu National Park are all within your reach. However, you will benefit more from their beauty if you go during a day trip or weekend trip out of Darwin.


You have just completed nearly 10,000 kilometres and been through an experience you will never forget! If you take this driving route from Perth to Darwin, give yourself at least two weeks to enjoy, or one month to really relax and take your time. Anyways, it’s a wonderful journey to embark upon if your car is in good condition, and you are ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Darwin, NT

Darwin, NT



About The Author
Kenny Phillips was born in the UK but has lived in Western Australia for the past 20 years.



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Must See Attractions in Australia

1, May 2013 Posted by Australia_Travel

Australian Tourist Attractions You’d Be Mad Not To See!

Must See Attractions in Australia – Australia is a vibrant and diverse place to be and the sheer wealth of things to see can leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed! From the islands to the mainland there are miles of amazing territory to explore, and you’ll see deserts, tropical rainforests, beaches and of course the Australian outback. Australia is a very successful country, having the 12th largest economy in the world and it is highly developed and modern. It’s rare to find a place with such impressive industry but that is still so beautiful and untamed.

It can be hard to know where to start when you are planning a trip to Australia but don’t despair! Our helpful guide will pick out the absolute must-sees to help you narrow down your list. But beware – once you start discovering all that Australia has to offer you’ll have to think about extending your stay!



Must See Attractions in Australia

Surely top of everyone’s list of places to see in Australia is the magnificent city of Sydney. Don’t miss the famous Sydney Opera House, and the Hunter Valley Wineries are well worth a visit too. Take in a cruise and enjoy the beautiful Jenolan Caves. One visit to Sydney will leave you wanting more – there is so much to see!



The antithesis of Sydney, Tasmania (once known as Van Diemen’s Land) is an adventure waiting to happen! It is wild and beautiful and you will be taken aback by the tranquillity and peacefulness. Tasmania has a rich history and culture along with stunning beaches, mountains and lagoons. It really is a little piece of heaven.


The Islands

If you fancy taking in impressive penguin colonies then head to Phillip Island for the finest display you’ll ever see! If sandy beaches are more your thing then Fraser Island is nothing short of paradise on earth. It is home to many endangered species and is a very popular holiday choice for people all over the world. Kangaroo Island is exactly what you’d expect – it’s home to wallabies, dolphins, sea lions and of course kangaroos!



The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most amazing sights on earth, and Cairns is the main gateway to the 80 million acres of coral under the sea. It has to be seen to be believed!


Jamison Valley

If you’ve got nerves of steel then why not plan a trip to this breathtaking valley? The landscapes are stunning and you will be bowled over by its beauty. But you’ll have to get in a cable car to see much of it! The Jamison Valley is a popular choice for tourists.



Ayers Rock - Uluru

Ayers Rock – Uluru

This is the world’s largest monolithic rock and it is one of the great wonders of the world. Stunning both at sunrise and sunset, it’s an amazing place to take in and will leave you feeling quite breathless.

Wherever you choose to discover Australia you can be sure that you’ll come across rich culture and history along with amazing wildlife and scenery. It’s no wonder people keep coming back for more!



About The Author
Chuck Birt, an avid travel and a blogger, works at a major Australian tourist attraction A Maze ‘N Things in Phillip island. Chuck likes to travel with his kids and often looks for weekend destinations around Victoria.



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How To Experience The Best Of Australia

11, February 2013 Posted by Australia_Travel

The Best Australia Has To Offer

How To Experience The Best Of Australia – Australia’s popularity as a holiday resort is growing all of the time.  Whether it is testimonials from friends and family who have headed Down Under for a trip, or the beauty that is seen in the global ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ marketing campaign, more people than ever before are inspired to head to the country.

Given Australia’s vast nature, there is much to see, and many methods for travelling around, finding Australia accommodation, and taking in the greatest experiences that the country has to offer. We looked at all of these factors to arm you with all you need to know, so that when you head to Australia it will truly be the Australian experience of a lifetime.


Getting Around

Although domestic air travel within Australia can be cheap, this invariably leads tourists into only seeing particular cities and missing out most of the beauty that is in between. For the true Australian experience, forget the aeroplane and instead hire a car or campervan to get you around the country.

Almost all of the main driving routes have beautiful parks that have free overnight parking, meaning you can be assured of being safe and secure at all times. Driving also makes you master of your own destiny, and enables you to quickly change your holiday plans or spend some extra time in a favourite location.

How To Experience The Best Of Australia

Campervan / Motorhome


Plan Your Sights

While driving is the flexible option, it also pays to have a plan when you head Down Under. The reasoning is simple, in that there is so much to do in such a country that if you haven’t got some idea of your plans beforehand, it is easy to waste hours or even days debating where to go or what to see.

Having a holiday with military precision planning isn’t necessary, but a loose itinerary will help you move quicker and not leave the country regretting the things you missed or forgot about.


Where to Stay

If you have hired a campervan then obviously your accommodation is taken care of, however if you are just in the car then you have some decisions to make. If you have headed to a particular landmark, such as Uluru, then there will always be options for camping overnight with everything supplied by local tour operators.

When you are around the larger cities, hostels often offer the friendliest experiences even though it can be tempting to find the Hilton Hotel or something of similar status.

Thinking about where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, and where you’re going to rest your head at the end of an inspirational day are all key to experiencing the best of Australia. Do all you can to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Camping at Uluru

Camping at Uluru


About the Author
Rob is an online content writer taking a strong interest in writing about the tourism industry and travelling around Australia in particular. Rob is especially interested in how relocation campervans and other vehicles can be taken advantage of by tourists to create a unique holiday experience.


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