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Welcome to Our Blog About Australia Travel.

In this Australian Travel Blog we have articles about what to do in Australia and little tips on how to enjoy your holiday more or what to plan before you leave.

We have articles that cover all states of Australia and other well known places to visit. We also have tours and activities that will give you an idea of what you may want to see when touring around Australia, whether you are visiting Australia for the first time or if you live here and are travelling interstate.

The Great Ocean Road


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The main capitals cities of each states are as below:
•Canberra is the capital of ACT (Australian Capital Territory)
•Sydney is the capital of New South Wales
•Darwin is the capital of Northern Territory
•Brisbane is the capital of Queensland
•Adelaide is the capital of South Australia
•Hobart is the capital of Tasmania
•Melbourne is the capital of  Victoria
•Perth is the capital of Western Australia


Australia Travel

We have a lot of different articles that cover a variety of things to see and do in Australia and all its smaller cities and towns. Since Australia is such a large country there are plenty of things to do. Australia has different climate regions. During winter it can be cold and snowing in the south while the north will still be a warm 30c in temperature.

The south area of Australia has 4 seasons (Summer Autumn, Winter and Spring), while the northern parts of Australia have 2 seasons (Wet and Dry). The northern parts have tropical weather and is very humid and the nights are warm, so make sure you know which part you are going to, so you can pack the right clothes.

We also have articles about what to do in different regions. So make sure you do a search on the town or city that you are visiting. If you are stuck for something to do, then check out our Australian Tours page and on that will be 100’s of things to do and see.

Our articles are written by people that have travelled around Australia or have lived in a certain area, who wanted to share what is in their surroundings for tourists to come and see and experience.


Just choose from the “Article Categories” on the right to find articles in certain states of Australia or use our “Search Articles” box to search for particular items.


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Australia Road Map


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Sydney Harbour



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