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Do you need some cheap domestic flights in Australia and also to book some Australia cheap accommodation? We  list all the competitive domestic and International flight companies to ensure that you will get the best price, against  the best competition that the companies have to offer. Even if there is a special on with a particular aeroplane  company, we will list those specials so you can pick the right flight and  budget for you. The main domestic companies in Australia are Qantas, Jetstar, Air Australia and Tiger. There are other smaller companies that fly to smaller towns but  we only compare the major companies. This way you will get the best price  with the best companies.  We also have cheap international flights that fly out of our main capital  cities in Australia. We are partnered with main companies such as Zuji  and  Expedia to compare prices, just so you can ensure you are getting the best  price possible. The main international airports in Australia are Perth on the west coast and  Sydney and Melbourne airport on the east coast. Darwin in the north also  deals with International tourists but mainly just from Asia.  Sydney airport is the biggest in the country as it has the most direct International arrivals in Australia. Over 3 million  people fly in from mall around the globe each year. It also has a large domestic terminal that handles thousan=s of  passengers each day from cities and towns from all around the country. Melbourne has two main airports. the major one is the Tullamarine  Airport which handles all of Melbourne’s  International and most of all the domestic flights. Avalon Airport is smaller and only handles small flights around the  country.  You can fly to 33 cities and towns around the country from these two airports. The Sydney to Melbourne  route is the third busiest route in the world. With all the major airlines you can now make flying so much easier with online bookings and electronic check ins. You  can also select your seat, meals and entertainment before you leave, so when you fly there is no hassles or  surprises.  If you fly with Qanatas then there is entertainment and meals included in your price plus also a luggage  allowance. these are normally dearer than the low cost airlines like Jetstar and Tiger. The low cost airlines offer a cheap and easy way to fly. If you have no luggage and only a carry on bag and you do  not want any on board meals or entertainment then you can save money by not having any of these costs included  onto your price. Of course if you want to add some extra luggage or food, you can do that for a small extra fee.  Checking in is a lot easier with the low costs airlines because you can check in electronically and since you have no  luggage you can head straight to the departure gate. If you are travelling around you will probably need some cheap Australian Hotels. We offer cheap hotels for you at  great discounted prices. if you need to book a Sydney Hotel or some Melbourne Accommodation please look at   100’s of our hotels in the main cities or anywhere else you might be spending your Australian Holiday.
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