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Are you interested in cheap accommodation around Australia? Australia Cheap Hotels has Australian holidays all  around the country. We have cheap family accommodation in all the main towns and cities and some in the ‘out of the  way places’ that are still beautiful to visit but are more quiter than your major tourist destinations. We have prices for  all budgets and lifestyles, so please search our competitive hotel prices and you’ll find  something just right for you. In Australia there are 6 states and 2 territories to choose your holiday in. In alphabetical order they are the: ACT (Australian Capital Territory), its capital is Canberra. New South Wales, its capital city is Sydney Northern Territory, its capital city is Darwin Queensland, its capital city is Brisbane South Australia, its capital city is Adelaide Tasmania, its capital city is Hobart Victoria, its capital city is Melbourne Western Australia, its capital city is Perth (In most respects the two territories function as states, but the Commonwealth Parliament can override any legislation of their parliaments.) Use our Australia Hotels Search Box to book your own Cheap Holiday in Australia, if you are after your own  adventure. Use our secure on line booking system for peace of mind when you travel. Choose from over 4500  Australian hotels raging from hostels to 5 star resorts. Whatever your budget you will find a hotel in Australia that you  will use to enjoy your great adventure of this country.

Cheap Australian Tours

We also have Australian Tours that you can book at all of your destinations. There are plenty of things to see and do.   There are a wide range of tours available for all ages, budgets  and terrains. Try such tours as a City Tour, Sydney  Harbour Tour, Outback Adventures, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Sea Cruises, Jet Boating, Underwater Cruises or Rainforest  Trekking just to name a few. Please go to our tours page for great discounted tours and 100’s of things to do and see.

Cheap Australian Flights

If you are flying into Australia you will most probably fly into either Darwin in the north, Perth in the west, or Melbourne  and Sydney on the east coast. Melbourne and Sydney are the most populated cities in Australia and from these cities  you will be able to fly to all the main cities and tourist areas around the country. If you are here on a Business Trip or  Holiday and are in the main cities, then there is still al lot for you to see in your ‘down time’. 

Cheap Australian Accommodation

Sydney hosts over 3 million travellers per year and is well equipped to make sure there is something interesting for  each tourist to see. Sydney has the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and many surf beaches but there is also a great arts and entertainment culture and many restaurants of all cuisine spread around the city and suburbs. If you are staying in Melbourne then you will get to see a lot of shopping, restaurants and art culture and it also has  one of the best nightlife culture around the country, if not the world. There are a lot of picturesque places to visit, like  the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles and also mountainous areas and beaches that are only short drives away. We also have accommodation all around the country. Please use our ‘Hotels Deals of The Day’ search box in the top  left and you will be able to choose from over 6400 hotels in all major cities and towns.

Australian Cruises

We also have great cruise deals with all the main cruise liners around Australia and the World. If you are looking for a  cruise from Sydney or a cruise from Brisbane, then we have you covered. Our South Pacific Cruises are the most  popular in Australia and travel out to the tropical islands of Noumea, Isle of Pines, Vanuatu, Mystery Island and Fiji.  Our cruises from Australia have great discounts and specials. Save up to 65% off selected cruises. For more  information please visit our Cruises Australia Page.

Motorhome and Campervan Hire

What better way to see the small out of the way places, or coastal regions of Australia than with a Motorhome. We  have over 22 places that you can pick up, or drop off your Motorhome at. We have campervans that can  accommodate 2 to 6 people and come with a small kitchen and some come with a shower. Imagine driving around  with no itinerary and stopping at places that look good or even extending your stay at a place that you find it needs  that extra few days to explore or relax at. To view all of what we have to offer and their prices, please use the search  box below.  Make sure you have an up to date passport and and visa before entering or else you will not be allowed in and you  will be returned back to where you came on the next available aeroplane. Check out our Visa requirements. Enjoying a holiday here is very easy as most people are friendly and are willing to show you a good time. Our country  has many vast landscapes and weather conditions, so there is something to suit everyone on any budget. Whether  your holiday is for a couple of days or a few weeks, you will get the travel bug and want to return for another trip.
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